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Since 2011 it has been the Mission of Career Academy to create an environment that develops a sense of belonging, respect, value, engagement and true grit in every student. Faculty and Staff strive to instill in each student the ability to succeed in establishing and maintaining an engaging innovative and entrepreneurial culture with the overarching Vision to Prepare Students for LIFE.

The goal of Career Academy South Bend (CASB) is to remove all social, emotional and academic barriers so students can learn and grow in an exceptional environment. Career Academy creates practical career development opportunities for self-discovery, job-shadowing, and internship for high demand, high wage job opportunities.

Why should your student attend the Career Academy? There are a number of reasons:

  • Fully-certified STEM high school
  • Project Lead the Way programming
  • Dual credit courses
  • Internships and career development

Come see the difference.


History of CASB


Career Academy is Founded

Cofounders Larry Garatoni and Steve Hartz officially form the school.


First Day of School

After an ambitious construction phase, the first CASB students are welcomed to the new campus.


First Class of 8th Graders Graduate

Our first class of students to go through 8th grade at CASB graduate.


CASB Expands to 5th & 6th Grades

With the growth of the school and the desire from the community to include lower grades at CASB, additional grades are added.


Total Enrollment Exceeds 500 Students

After just over three years, total student enrollment grows 240% from 155 to 526 students.


First Interns Placed with Businesses

Our first interns secure internships with area businesses and school partners.

Success Academy Exterior View Closer 3-24-15

Groundbreaking on K-6 Campus

Due to the growth in enrollment and the need for a comprehensive elementary school, a new campus is built to serve as a K-6 school.


First Student-led Public Health Fair

The freedom and inspiration in our hands-on project-based learning drives students to organize, implement, and manage a community-wide health fair.


Graduating class size doubles

The second graduating class of CASB grows by 200% over the previous and first graduating class.


Graduating class size doubles

The second graduating class of CASB grows by 200% over the previous and first graduating class.

First fully-certified STEM high school in northern Indiana

Career Academy becomes one of only 19 fully-certified STEM schools in the entire state of Indiana.

Career Academy becomes official IHSAA school

The IHSAA votes to grant Career Academy full IHSAA membership.

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