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Seniors and Spaghetti December 12th

Seniors and Spaghetti December 12th

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Our Vision & Mission


We create an environment that empowers every student to develop academic, career, and citizenship skills, leading to a successful future.


We foster authentic project-based learning that is real-world, connected, and engaging.

We are continually developing rigorous education that is challenging and inclusive while cultivating comprehensive and skill-based standards. We nurture relationships that are compassionate and respectful that translate to appropriate social and emotional skills.

  • Our Students

  • Our Teachers

  • Our Administration

Our Students

Develop a realistic notion of what a work and career life is like and are fully engaged in the hands-on experience of project based and collaborative learning. Our student are encouraged to be resilient to overcome challenges, adversity and have a healthy, dependable work ethic.

Our Teachers

Teach as guides, facilitators to create opportunities for students to experience success and discovery. The exceptional staff and faculty build student capacity to be innovative, flexible and inclusive of all students while being positive role models and mentors to students and staff alike.

Our Administration

The CASB Administrative staff has years of experience and talent and are poised to positively disrupt, reform and improve the overall education system.

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