1:1 Technology Information

We are excited to announce and roll-out Career Academy’s 1:1 technology program that provides all students with NEW Lenovo N23 laptops. The Lenovo laptops and the access they will provide to each student to the web will allow us to not only integrate more technology into your student’s learning experiences, it will also provide additional opportunities for students collaborate, communicate, create, and apply critical thinking skills in their learning.

In preparation for this year’s laptop roll-out we have made several informational documents available for you on this website. Some of these documents will be provided to your student in hard copy form the day of the distribution. The following are some of the documents that are shared on the webpage:

Student Technology Initiative 2017
Laptop User Agreement Contract
Laptop Computer Use Agreement Details

If you plan to participate in the Damage Protection program, you must have your form and fee returned and paid by August 31st or before. You can also find a link to print and complete the forms. Checks, cash and credit cards can be accepted in the front office during normal business hours (M-F 8-4). Please keep in mind that this plan is optional, and you are not required to purchase this plan to receive a laptop. As is the case with usage of any school equipment such as textbooks, music instruments, etc., you are responsible for any cost associated with the damage and/or loss of the device and responsible to return the device in good working order.

Clearly we are making a move to have technology be an integral part of your student’s education and will require that your student have the appropriate technology at school to support his/her learning. This is why we will not be allowing your student to opt out of receiving the Lenovo laptop. Every student will have been provided with the tools necessary to support the integration of technology into the learning process Career Academy South Bend. In addition, having access to these devices has the potential to significantly impact the learning that can and will occur outside of our normal school day.

Thank you in advance for your support of this significant learning tool.