Study Habit #4 How to Structure Your Study Time

Here are some great ways to structure your study routine. It works best when you are mixing some of the different leaning styles as mentioned before.

Try starting with watching or attending your lectures, and then doing an additional 1-3 hours of personal study (with breaks) to reflect and review notes on those lectures. This way, you are using your auditory and visual learning styles as well as repetition, which will help you remember what you learned more clearly.

Start with the difficult topics and subjects first, so that you are not going to put them off until a later date. If these subjects are really difficult for you, then shorter study sessions will work better.

Schedule study sessions in 2, 30-minute to 1-hour blocks and be sure to take short 5- to 10-minute breaks in between. When you take breaks, you allow your mind to rest, revitalize and be ready for more learning.

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