Study Habit #8 Consider Joining a Study Group

If you are a social learner then you should consider joining a study group. Study groups can help you remember class material better. You can ask questions to clarify difficult points, and hear questions that others have that may be beneficial for you to know the answer to.

In order to find a study group that will work for your needs; find people as dedicated as you are. You don’t want to study with a group that isn’t devoted and willing to work hard. You should also keep your study group numbers to a decent size; you shouldn’t need more than 6 people in your group.

Exchange contact details and decide together on a place and what type of study schedule will work best for the group. One of the best benefits of joining a study group is that you will be able to ask, discuss, debate, and quiz each other on the topics at hand. You could even keep your study group online if traveling to one spot won’t work well for everyone.

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