1.       October Drive-In Movies.

We partnered with Reins of Life and will be the presenting sponsor for SPOOKY STABLES CINEMA. This weekly “spooky” movie will be family friendly and students, families and staff from Career Academy South Bend and Success Academy South Bend will receive a $5 discount off of online and at gate drive-in movie ticket sales!


This code will take $5 off of their cart total or pay in cash only at the door.

To get tickets in advance click here:

2.       New! ILEARN Videos for Schools and Parents 

Three new informational ILEARN videos (ILEARN Participation OverviewScheduling ILEARN Assessments, and ILEARN Rescore Request Overview) are available on IDOE’s website to supplement current guidance and help clarify current ILEARN policies and practices. Please review these brief videos at your convenience.

  1. Fleece Jacket Order Form. Please view a picture of the jacket and information HERE. Secondly, you can put in your order for your fleece jacket on the Google Form HERE. You will still need to pay for your jacket by cash or check. Any questions, please reach out to Mrs. Whitaker at

  2. All High School Juniors.  All juniors will take ASVAB in the morning on Thursday, November 12. This includes all juniors with last names beginning with A-Z. Students should be dropped off before 8:00 and will be able to attend classes after the exam. This exam fulfills a graduation requirement.

  3. Hybrid Schedule. Click on this link HERE to view the high school hybrid bell schedule. Click on the link HERE to view the middle school hybrid bell schedule.

  4. Parent-Teacher Conferences. Conferences will be 100% virtual this school year. Please be on the lookout for more information regarding conferences closer to the October 22nd date. Conferences will officially be October 22 from 10 am to 7 pm.

  5. Dress Code for Coats in the Building. As it starts to get colder outside, students will be wearing bulkier and bigger coats when entering the building. These coats will NOT be permitted to be worn during the school day. Students will need to take them off before they enter their classrooms, and the coats must remain off the entire school day. Lastly, no jackets, sweatshirts, or clothing with hoods can be worn at any time in the building.

  6. Collecting Plastic Lids. The middle school environmental science classes are collecting Plastic lids from pop bottles, water bottles, peanut butter jars, etc. Please start collecting them for us. We are going to use them to put benches on our new environmental science trails. When you have enough to donate, please reach out to Mr. Garstka ( or Ms. Jones ( for questions or where to donate your lids.


Mr. Garstka and Mr. Lugbill