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Pathways Courses Include:

Year 1

In Principles of Healthcare, students are introduced to a wide range of potential healthcare careers, exploring everything from animal care to public health to patient nursing care. In addition, students gain laboratory experience based on their individual career objectives.

  • IDOE Course 7168, 2 Semesters
  • Dual Credit: Health and Human Services 100 and 104

Year 2

Prepares students for upcoming interactions in the healthcare field by providing them the vocabulary needed to interact in a hands-on integrated fashion.

  • IDOE Course 5274, 2 Semesters
  • Dual Credit: Health and Human Services 101 and 102

Year 3

During Year 3, students participate in the Certified Nursing Assistant course, where they earn experience in all aspects of medical work, including:

• Taking and recording vital signs

• Preparing patients for examination

• Patient education

• Assisting with some medical procedures

• Taking care of wounds

• Transporting patients

This course prepares students for the Indiana CNA exam.

  • IDOE Course 7166, 2 Semesters
  • Dual Credit: Health and Human Services 107 and 113
  • Certification: Certified Nursing Aide

Year 4

Career Academy has partnered with many local higher education institutions, regional businesses and community organizations to ensure all programs meet the academic and technical skills required to have successful outcomes in the work force or college. This can include further coursework and training to take the examination to become a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant.

  • Pathway Capstone
  • Internship, Senior Exit Project, or Clinical Certified Medical Assistant Program
  • Potential Certification: Certified Clincal Medical Assistant

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