• An Educational Utopia

    We love Career Academy and we are so thankful for this school. Without Career Academy our daughter would not be in our home. Without Career Academy, my daughters would not be challenged to work in the STEM field that they both love. Without Career Academy, I would not have the opportunity to work with a faculty and staff who value, respect, and love students without condition. I joke that Career Academy is “educational utopia” but I have seen it all. I have seen all educational environments since we have tried them all with our daughter or have researched them for our daughter, and I know that Career Academy is our family’s educational utopia.

  • We have seen our child grow

    Trying to prepare our kids for the outside world with a sense of self and awareness for how they can contribute their gifts is one of the hardest goals we face as parents. Career Academy has provided the perfect environment for my child to feel empowered to have an opinion and to think outside the box. She has taken her education into her own hands with the perfect combination of encouragement and guidance, while the project based learning has taught her how to research, work with others, deal with conflict, take responsibility, and meet deadlines.

    With the many unique opportunities available at CASB we have seen our child grow in robotics, performing arts, Notre Dame Ignite, and National Honor Society. Not to mention, she has had real hands on experience with subjects she never expected to enjoy like, bio medical science and history. We could not be happier with our choice to come to Career Academy and I love seeing my child enjoy her education.

  • Great Opportunities

    I would say at Career Academy, one of my favorite programs we have is our music program. Especially orchestra. I am currently a viola section leader in our orchestra group. I love the class. Mrs. Brown makes orchestra a learning experience that is fun but educational (of course). We may have our ups and downs, but it is always as a group. As a little family. So I would 100% recommend orchestra to anyone who is considering it because it is a great opportunity that we have at Career Academy.

    10th grade student at CASB
  • Teaching support and encouragement

    The thing I love most about Career Academy is our band department. This is my second year in band and I absolutely love it! When I first started playing the saxophone here, I didn’t think I could do it, but with the support and encouragement from Mrs. Brown and the students I learned within a week. Band is a great outlet for creativity and growth in musical skills for all students.

  • Making friends, good grades and eager to go to school

    When my son was a 5th grade student at an “advanced” SBCSC school, I had to fight him daily to even go to school. I watched my honor roll student bring home Ds and Fs and continually cry about how much he hated school. We made the choice to change him to Success Academy for 6th grade. The difference was astounding. He made friends, got good grades, and was actually eager to go to a school. Now a 7th grader at CASB, he only continues to improve. He is looking forward to the specialized programs in high school. Thank you CASB for providing a learning environment that engages and supports students. School days are no longer a nightmare, and that is priceless!!

  • Contribute to the courses they support

    The students are encouraged with both materials and time to contribute to causes that they support; if they have ideas and a plan, the staff supports their efforts. The school provides access to non-traditional programs like welding, along with advanced college prep courses.

  • Love, Support and Inspiration

    When I walk into the Career Academy, I walk into an environment filled with love, support and inspiration that gives me the desire to succeed.