Business Management and Administration

It’s never too early to gain an edge in business.

The earlier students understand the underlying principles of business, the sooner they can hone the skills that will enable them to be successful in the modern economy.

Career Academy’s Business Management and Administration program takes a wholistic approach to preparing students to thrive in business. Our students:

  • Learn to manage their own finances through courses like Personal Financial Responsibility
  • Gain a fundamental understanding of business concepts in Business, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship
  • Use the design process to creatively solve real-world business challenges in Intro to Communications: Digital Media
  • Create a variety of video projects in Radio and Television II, all while mastering advanced concepts in production, lighting, and audio

Wolf Den

Wolf Den Store LogoVisit the Business and Innovation classes’ new apparel store, Wolf Den.  They provide enjoyable and unique CASB apparel at an affordable price.


CASB now has a vending machine thanks to the Grab-N-Grub, a Business & Innovation class who strives to keep students focused with on-the-go, tasty snacks.

Career Academy Grand Opening of our student run start-up business