Career Academy South Bend (CASB) is excited to work in partnership with our local homeschool families in providing flexible learning opportunities for all students in the Michiana area! (Students must be a resident of Indiana)

Homeschool families may now enroll in a variety of “à la carte” options at Career Academy Middle School/High School.

  • Students who take advantage of this opportunity may also be eligible to participate in our extra curricular activities such as our middle school athletic teams, eSport teams, and robotics teams to name a few.
  • At CASB we are student focused, and offer a variety of opportunities from dual enrollment courses to welding certifications.
  • All courses offered at CASB are available to our Indiana resident homeschool families (Student must be an Indiana resident).
  • All of our Core Courses and many of our Elective courses are also offered in an online format with local Career Academy teachers available to provide support and instruction both in person at CASB’s blended learning classroom or via online teleconferencing support structures.

For more information please contact Brett Harring at:

When applying, please be sure the check the HomeSchool Partnership option.

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Course Offerings

Pathways Courses Include:

Dual Enrollment Courses (In Person/Traditional)

Dual enrollment/college credit courses are offered at Career Academy through IVY Tech at no charge



  • Machining:Leading to NIMS and Fusion certifications (PLTW)
  • Welding: Leading to AWS certification
  • Engineering: Leading to Fusion Certifications (PLTW)
  • Computer Science: Leading to CompTIA A+ Certification (PLTW)
  • Health Science: Leading to both CNA and MA Certifications (PLTW)
  • Bus/Entrep: Leading to internship or Moxie (Business start up course offering 18 college credits)

Elective Courses for High School

  • Instrumental Music
  • Art
  • World Language
  • JAG (Jobs for American Graduates)
  • College and Careers
  • Robotics
  • PE/Health
  • AP course offerings

Elective Courses for Middle School

  • Instrumental Music: Band
  • Art
  • Lego Robotics
  • Environmental Science
  • PLTW: Design Modeling, Science of Technology, Automation and Robotics, Medical Detectives

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