College and Career Workforce

Career and college preparation tailored to your unique needs and ambitions

Every student at Career Academy possesses a distinctive mix of educational needs, personal ambitions, and potential barriers to success. We offer a range of career and college preparation programs to meet each student where they are—and take them as far as they can go:

  • In Preparing for College and Careers, students review their graduation plans, develop career strategies, and begin building personal and professional portfolios
  • Entrepreneurship and New Ventures teaches students the entrepreneurial process—from opportunity recognition to venture concept to developing “go to market” strategies
  • For students with barriers to academic success, Jobs for American Graduates provides programming that’s proved to be one of the most cost-effective state-level strategies for tackling high dropout rates, low academic performance, youth unemployment, and other critical issues related to at-risk youth
  • Work-Based Learning affords students across multiple career pathways internship opportunities that help them gain real-world work experience. Past internship sites have included Federal Mogul, Honeywell, and Lincoln Electric, to name a few.