Physical Education and Health

Take care of the body and the mind will follow.

With every passing year, research reveals a greater mind-body connection, and uncovers additional benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. In Physical Education and Health courses at Career Academy South Bend, you’ll build a foundation of knowledge that will inform a lifetime of healthy choices.

  • In Health and Wellness, you’ll learn about everything from mental and emotional health to nutrition and drug education to disease prevention.
  • In Physical Education, you’ll study concepts like muscular strength and endurance, and participate in individual and team sports, aerobic exercise, and recreational games.

Improving your mental and physical wellbeing will help you flourish in your everyday life, and instill in you the habits that support success in any field you choose to pursue.

Physical Education isn’t your only opportunity to compete at Career Academy.

Represent the Trailblazers on the field or court across a variety of varsity sports. Learn more about our competitive athletics program.